Dear Sir/ Madam

As a Deliveroo customer, I am writing to express my disappointment at the treatment of your riders in Leeds. Your continued failure to reinstate those riders targeted for their union activity, is extremely concerning – if you wish to keep my business then their reinstatement should be of the utmost priority.

I welcome that you have acknowledged malpractice by the Leeds management, however this is little more than spin unless the riders and their union are involved in improving the way that riders in Leeds are managed. Again, you will not be enjoying my continued custom unless you hold formal talks with riders and any union they choose to represent them.

I am further concerned about your continued over-recruitment in Leeds. This threatens existing riders’ ability to work enough hours and their ability to earn a living wage whilst doing so. I look forward to you extending your recruitment freeze in Brighton to all other cities that need it.

Across the country, you avoid making national insurance contributions and paying riders sick and holiday pay by wrongly classing them as self-employed.  As a tax payer I am disgusted that you look to avoid your duties as an employer and instead attempt to pass these on to your riders and the state. Once more, if you wish to keep my business, you will rectify this as soon as possible.

Kind Regards