The Power of Solidarity!

Below is the testimony of Asif Khan a member of our Union who recently lost an appeal against a decision to dismiss him from his role as a member of support staff at Carlton Bolling College in Bradford. There are many aspects of Asif’s case which are of concern to those who believe in workers’ rights and social justice and the Bradford IWW is supporting Asif as he takes his case to an Employment Tribunal. It is our belief that the story has national significance and we will back Asif all the way.

Facebook is not the appropriate place to go into the detail of Asif’s suspension, investigation and eventual dismissal but we do believe that publishing his testimony is important in underlining why being a member of a ‘fighting union’ is so important. Success can be measured in many ways and battles can be lost whilst the war is eventually won. Already many of Asif’s ex-colleagues are joining the IWW because we represent a model that rests on democracy, participation, and conviction. A union where the member calls the shots!
“My name is Asif Khan and I was employed at Carlton Bolling College for 14 years before being suspended for what I believe was a politically motivated agenda. I was suspended for 15 months & was being represented by the another union until 2 days before my disciplinary hearing when they refused to represent me for submitting a grievance against the school & certain members of staff.

I was subsequently dismissed from my post in Nov 2015. I appealed & was given an appeal hearing date in Feb 2016. I was told by a friend about the Industrial Workers of the World and what I can testify to is that for the first time in 18 months I felt I had support in an official capacity. In fact my rep went well beyond any expectation I had and I can hand on heart say he gave it his all.

From day one I could feel that I was the most important person in all of this as far as he was concerned. Through endless communication & my rep’s dedication we prepared ourselves for the appeal. Unfortunately the appeal panel upheld the original decision to dismiss me (which wasn’t at all surprising).

Although I didn’t win my appeal I was more than pleased in how the IWW represented me. This is a union that doesn’t tow the line. It’s a voice for its members with reps that are genuinely wanting to help. I am convinced that had I been with IWW from the beginning things would have been very different for me. I’m glad I am part of the IWW now and would definitely recommend people join this caring union as it values its members.

As you can imagine, this whole saga had a negative impact on me both mentally and physically. I had problems sleeping & in my general social life. I have to say though, due to the way I was represented in the appeal, I’ve not found the decision as bad as I thought I would. What my union rep did do in a very professional manner was to expose the lies & collusion of my employer in the way they had constructed their case against me.

From my experience, if you are going to join a union then you need to pick one that represents its members. IWW tick all the boxes for the right reasons. Dont waste your time with the likes of others like I did. Join the IWW, a union that truly represents its members.”

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Solidarity Forever!

Solidarity Forever

Solidarity Forever!

Celebrating a moral victory after two years fighting for justice. Respect to IWW member Tariq Ahmed and the solidarity of Bradford IWW !