Recent successes of the Bradford Branch .

– a £3000 settlement for a member desperate to leave a bullying organisation.
– a £5,500 settlement offer for a college teacher who had been on long term sick due to a jumped up disciplinary charge (offer rejected)
– A back to work agreement for that worker based on her desired work profile, hours, job role, location etc.
– successful grievance outcome for a Teaching Assistant in a school where the IWW is nearly the majority support staff Union
– successful grievance outcome for an advocacy worker at a voluntary sector organisation.
– successful re-location back to job of choice for warehouse worker subject to bullying by colleagues.
– a ‘union recognition agreement’ about to be signed with a major Bradford organisation.

ongoing case work
– union representation in grievance process for office administrator
– union representation in disciplinary process for advocacy worker.
– union representation for a catering worker in an ‘equal work for equal pay’ case
– union representation for teaching assistant being routinely injured at work.
– union representation for homecare workers not being paid for travel time between elderly clients.
– union representation for a teaching assistant being paid two scales below her job description
– preparation for a ‘union recognition’ ballot at a Bradford school.

Bradford IWW is a fast growing Union that is practically providing support, advice and representation to its membership. The IWW is a ‘rank & file’ union, we don’t have paid staff, we don’t create a division between members and reps, everyone is encouraged to learn these skills and to actively support other members.

If you are not in a Union and you are interested get in touch at If you like what you see then join us. If you are already in a Trade Union but feel frustrated by how it organises join us to! We welcome ‘dual cardholders’.